Thursday, October 8, 2009

Popular Sri Lankan Teledrama actress Nadeesha Hemamali

We first saw Nadeesha Hemamali as a model. She has come a long way ever since and went on to enter the cinema industry. Nadeesha made her debut in "Tharaka Mal". The Nation contacted Nadeesha her involvement in cinema and to see how she feels about this new experience.
"I always wanted to become an actress. And I wanted my debut film to be something great. It had music and dancing and I always liked to dance. It has been five years since I entered the industry. This film was a new experience to me, not only because I'm new to the cinema, but also because I learned a lot from it. I hope that the audience will like it and that the film will turn out to be a success."
What are you working on these days? "I'm working on dubbing for Udaya Kantha Warnasuriya's film. And I'm also looking forward to releasing of the teledramas, "Vilata Ahimi Mal" and "Adareta wes banda".
Her childhood she said was a beautiful one. "We played a lot, my two sisters, my brother and I. And in school too, I took part in everything. Went for dramas, worked in literary associations and took part in debating competitions and other extra curricular activities, all because I wanted to become an actress."
Speaking about what acting means to her she said, "We represent ourselves when acting. We can't say that it starts here and that
it ends here. For me it is like the vast blue sea and what I know is like a few drops of water that I have in the palms. I'm still learning what acting is. I'm still searching for it. It is very little that I know."
Is there any particular character that you would like to play in the future? "I like to play different characters of different people. I would like to act roles which are complex in nature."
What are your hobbies? "I'm a very simple person. I like to sing, dance and to watch films. Some of my favourite films are, "Love story" and "Crazy Beautiful". My favourite actor is Sir Anthony Hopkins and my favourite actress is Penelope Cruz."
Speaking about her future plans she said, "My future plans are to become a good actress and a good wife some day." After shifting the conversation from films to other subjects the actress said that she had a lot of hope where life is concerned. "It is because of hope that we live. It is what keeps us alive. Living is cherishing some kind of a hope and waiting till dreams come true. And my only hope is that I become a good citizen of this country."

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