Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gorgeous upcoming Actress - Sandani Sulakna

She's lovely, blessed a flawless complexion, an equally melodious voice, a million dollar smile and a compact figure. She is none other than Sandani Sulakna. Her friendly youthful appearance would pull at anybody's heart.

She has been learning eastern music, both vocal and violin from Anil Mihiripenna at Sharada Kalayathanaya since she was six years. "I learned Kandyan dancing from Channa Wijewardhane Sir, and at present I am mastering the dancing modes under Upul Sir. And then....," she went on, "I did a six month course of acting with Prasannajith Abeysuriya Sir at Sharada."

Sandani is studying at a Private School in Colombo in which she supports her a great deal in her endeavour . She believes that this support is a great blessing for an up and coming star like her. Had the school made any objections, Sandani wouldn't have got the opportunity to carry on and achieve her dream at such a young age.

Sandani's first acting performance was on the stage with Keerthi Bandara's children's drama, 'Sudu Paraviyo' when she was 12 years. Rathna Lalani accompanied Sanduni for her 'Tak Tik Tuk' children's teledrama after that, although it has not been telecast as yet, Sandani talked happily about her first experience before the tele camera.

She really enjoyed doing the role of a mischievous Tom Boy at Mavo Lakshitha's 'Nehtu Abhisheka'. The ragger's role in a campus in 'Kedapatha', one of the serialised tele episodes in 'Dhawala yaamaya' on Sirasa, was a memorable role among all the characters she has done so far.

'Pini Keta Ahurak' is the title of her first set of songs - CD and Cassette. And it contains a handful of songs composed on different themes. "It's all about love. We shed love on others in different categories and relationships. We love our parents; we love our siblings and of course people fall in love with the opposite sex. My songs consist of all kinds of emotions ," she explains.

"I want to continue my studies as well while continuing with my performances as a singer and actress. Most probably I will become a music teacher," she says

source: Young artiste in the making

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