Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jacqueline Fernandez heat the Hindi Cinema with Murder 2

Jacqueline Fernandez had emerged victoriously through the challenges for she was able to dub her own lines for 'Murder 2' directed by Mohit Suri. Not surprisingly more directors have been eyeing the talented beauty to rope her into their projects. Mahesh Bhatt's Murder was big success in 2004. 'Murder 2' release date is confirmed and it will be released on mid July 2011. Imran Hashmi got the fame from Murder and he is also part of Murder 2 but a big surprise is the replacement of hot Mallika Sherawat. SL beauty Queen is going to be an Action Heroine. All fans of Jacqueline Fernandez are waiting to watch Hot Jacqueline in Murder 2.
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