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Dilhani Asokamala Ekanayake - The popular Srilankan Film actress

Dilhani Asokamala Ekanayake studied at St Clare's girls school ,Colombo. She is married to singer and actor Priyankara Perera son of famous singer Milton Perera. She has a son aged 13.Sinhala film industry slumped in the face of stiff competition from Bollywood and resurgence of Tele Drama industry.

Dilhani is one of the few who contributed immensely towards keeping Sinhala cinema afloat. Her early roles were confined to commercial films. her ability to dance and her trade mark smile captivated the audiences. She is known as "SRI DEVI" of sri lanka, (Sri devi is a popular south Indian actress famed for her dancing).

Dilhani plays leading role in Prasanna Vithanage's latest film "Akasa Kusum" (Flowers of the Sky). This is the first time a Sri Lankan film has been picked by an American company for distribution. The film, which won Malini Fonseka the coveted Silver Peacock Award at the 39 Indian International Film Festival in Goa, will be released in Sri Lankan theatres in July 2009. "Akasa Kusum" also won a Jury Special Mention at the Vesoul International Film Festival in France and is currently being exhibited in the world festival circuit.

Her carrier hit a different trail with her role as an abandoned Tamil girl in the film "Me Mage Sandai" (this is my moon) by Ashoka Handagama. This serious role paved the way for other remarkable performances in "SUDU KALU SAHA ALU" (shades of Grey), "Mage wam atha" (my left Hand) "Sulanga" (wind) and "Akasa Kusum".

She has been mixing more commercial fare with serious roles, with her powerful turn in Sudath Mahadivulwewa's "Sudu, Kalu Saha Alu" winning her Best Actress at the Sarasavi Film Awards.

She has also starred in several Tele Dramas of which "Maya Ranga" and "Meeduma" stand out. She plays a major role in the sri lankan movie star show "Ridee Reyak", which is a very popular annual event in Sri Lanka.

photos by and Prasad Perera

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