Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hot and Sexy Sri Lankan Model and Teledrama actress Anusha Rajapakse photos

Popular upcoming actress Anusha Rajapakse who has shown loads of promise in the film and tele scene in Sri Lanka. She began her career as a Model. Anusha playing the female CID officer in the movie 'Sir Last Chance' by Roy De Silva. Her role in 'Night Learners' was remarkable.
Anusha RajapakseAnusha RajapakseAnusha Rajapakse
Anusha RajapakseAnusha RajapaksaAnusha Rajapaksa
Anusha RajapaksaAnusha RajapaksaAnusha Rajapaksa
Here are some of the most famous teledrama which she has appera'Ranmasu Wessa' ,'Pemberayaneni' ,'Nil Ahasa Wage,' 'Kiripabaluvila' 'Swaraanjali,' 'Dehadak Aaderen,' Piya Ranasinghe's 'Samanala Wasanthe' and 'Night Learners.'She is actually very hot and sexiest Sri Lankan Tele Drama actress ever.
Anusha Anusha

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