Monday, September 21, 2009

Stone Angel Erosha Autumn - Model and Vocalist

Stone Angel became familiar name in Sri Lankan music arena. Who's this Stone Angel? සිරස ඩාන්සින් ස්ටාර් Season 2 මතකයි නේ?? 'Hot and Sexy' සිංදුව මතකයි නේ?? She's Erosha Autumn, Multi-talented star in Sri Lanka. Her appearance in Sirasa Dancing Stars Season two was remarkable.

Erosha was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Canada. She graduated in Business Administration and after completion of her higher studies she returned to Sri Lanka. She says, " I felt that I could make a greater difference being here in Sri Lanka at this point in my life, besides I always had a special place in my heart for Sri Lanka since it is where I was born and it is part of mu identity. I am happy that I am back in my motherland and to have been able to engage myself in my passion; singing."

She was in the church and school choirs and participant in all the school activities to do with singing and performing. Also she started helping out with choreography in school talent shows. After schooling she started working as a model. And then she had opportunity to work in collaboration with some professional bands from South Africa and Spain.

During her frequent visits to Sri Lanka she attended oriental music lessons conducted by Visharadha Nanda Malini. She started working with some of the most well known musicians and producers in Sri Lanka.She started working on her album in March 2008 and Bathiya did two songs, 'As desa baluwe na' and 'Mal Mal Mal' and Iraj has done another track for me called 'Hot and Sexy'.

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