Thursday, June 30, 2011

Madhavi Kaushalya Photo shoot

Madhavi Kaushalya is no stranger to the television audiences of this country. Her charming personality, her impressive presentation styles, her talking eyes and of course her on-screen magic have indeed got the people glued to their television sets when she's on air. But this girl who is lovingly known as Kaushi among her friends and fans is naturally a lovable girl blessed with loads of intelligence and confidence.

Born in the gem city of Ratnapura, Kaushi is the precious girl in the family of three brothers. Having completed studies at Royal Institute International School, Colombo she took up fashion designing and obtained a degree. But before she could decide on her future path, she was pencilled in by Sirasa TV as a television presenter. Today she is a popular face on the channel dishing out fashionable programmes like 'Subasiri' and 'Chamathkar'.

But her passion for fashion has not diminished a bit.

Do you think you have chosen the right career?
Yes of course. Presenting in front of the camera may look a cakewalk but in reality it is not so, especially during live programmes. It needs a lot of patience, concentration, courage and almost everything to make it more comfortable and natural. I believe I have been gifted with such traits. I think this is the best career for me right now.

Was it your dream to become a television presenter?
Not really but I always wanted to do something challenging when I grew up. As I told you this appears to be the challenging role I was looking for.

What was your childhood dream?
From my childhood I wanted to be a creative person, especially like someone involved in designing. Eventually as I grew up I realized I possessed some skills in fashion desgning. Then I pursued on that path and completed my fashion designing degree. Besides my role in the media I also gather experience as a freelance fashion designer.

Your views about love, romance and marriage?
Love is so important to all of us and is the major influence in any person's life. The feeling of love is so magical. Even I am a person who loves to be loved by someone who loves me a lot. Trust is the major factor in marriage as far as I know.

How do you maintain your figure?
As a person who leading a hectic lifestyle I don't get so much of time to maintain my figure, but I love to take fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

What are your goals in life?
I don't have any such premeditated goals but I love to become a good woman and a good citizen and maybe a good business woman in the future.

Do you have lots of friends?
My mother is my best friend. I have very few friends and they are always with me.

Who inspired and motivated you right upto this point?
Honestly, my family has always thrown their full weight behind me guiding me on the right path. Sirasa TV made me a known face and therefore I am grateful to Sirasa as well.

Model: Madhavi Kaushalya
Photography by: Lalinda Ranaweera


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